A new Jager shopping centre in Celje

Result of a successful collaboration between Tegometall and a local retailer Jager.

On Thursday, September 13, 2018, Jagros opened its first shopping centre in Celje.

The new shopping centre extends over 7,000 m2. Besides a large grocery store with rich bakery, fruit&vegetables and butcher's departments, there are also a technics department, a garden centre, a textile shop and a cafe. The shopping centre was built in the area of the former Aero factory and, despite its modern design, retained many architectural features of the existing building. We have equipped the store with our shop equipment. The standard Tegometall equipment was upgraded with the development of some new elements and enhanced with natural materials for the needs of the new corporate identity of Jager stores.

The new shopping centre in Celje is already the 41st shop of the Jager retail chain, which will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the business in the next year.